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Harare Carpet Cleaners

Chem-Dry International is the world’s leading carpet cleaning company with over 4,000 locations around the world. From transforming your carpet to look like new again or removing leather or upholstery stains, Chem-Dry Harare is unmatched in the dry carpet cleaning industry in delivering a quality clean and meeting customer expectations.

Chem-Dry Harare is independently owned and operated, and one of over 40 franchisees under the Chem-Dry Southern Africa. By catering to the residential, commercial, real estate markets and insurance companies – our ‘Natural Treatment’ cleans carpets, rugs, upholstery, leather, mattresses; performs specialised spot removal, pet urine treatment as well as water damage restoration.

What sets us apart from our rivals is that we’re incredibly versatile in what we do. If you’re after carpet dry cleaning in Zimbabwe, then we can provide this service for you. With our state of the art techniques, we can dry clean any carpet out there. The best thing is, we get the job done as swiftly as possible. Chem-Dry Harare understands that carpet problems are a serious issue for some households.

The last thing you want is to spend a long time with a stained carpet that starts to smell. So, we do our job to a strict timescale. We’ll have your carpet dry cleaned and looking fresh within a couple of hours. And, we don’t just specify in getting rid of tough stains.

Our solutions are NON-TOXIC and CARBONATED, safe for PETS and KIDS, and only takes carpets between 1 to 2 hours to dry (even in winter).

Professional Carpet Cleaning by Chem-Dry Harare

Nothing’s worse than the smell of pet urine in your carpet & upholstery. It penetrates the fibres and contaminates both the backing of the carpet and flooring material as well. If you have ever tried cleaning and removing it yourself, you know it’s quite the challenge to completely clean-up & remove using standard commercial cleaning products.

Urine spots on carpet are a problem that is hard to resolve; however, at Chem-Dry Harare , we have the ability to find odor causing spots around your home and remove them. First, our Chem-Dry Harare technician will use a black light to identify stained areas, helping him/her to evaluate the size and scope of the odor-causing stain. Then, the technician will apply Pet Urine Removal Treatment to rid your home of the nasty odours that can permeate the house from these spots. Your house will smell fresh and the spot will be minimised.

Chem-Dry Harare is one of the most professional carpet cleaners in Zimbabwe. When looking for carpet cleaning, it makes sense to turn to us. Chem-Dry Harare has all the knowledge that’s needed to help get your carpets as clean as can be. No matter what’s wrong with your carpet, we’re on hand to save the day.

People come to us with all sorts of stains and problems, but we’re able to deal with all of them. It’s our aim to satisfy all of our customers, and leave them with carpet that feels brand new. This is just one of the many reasons our clients have called us the best carpet cleaners in Zimbabwe.